Alongside the Maison & Objet and Paris Déco Home shows and in homage to the painting The music…

In parallel with the Maison & Objet and Paris Déco Home shows and in homage to Henri Matisse’s painting The Music of Henri Matisse, the French design house Maison Matisse unveils this week its new collection of ceramic pieces of the same name, created with the young Franco-Polish designer Marta Bakowski.

Inaugurated at the FIAC 2019 by the heirs of painter Henri Matisse in the fourth generation, the Maison Matisse design house offers through its collections a contemporary reinterpretation of the artist’s paintings while striving to perpetuate his style and artistic universe.After the release in October 2019 of a limited edition created with three international designers (the Bouroullec brothers, Alessandro Mendini and Jaime Hayon), Maison Matisse has this time collaborated with the Franco-Polish designer Marta Bakowski for the creation of their first permanent collection called “La Musique”, which draws its inspiration from the eponymous painting of the painter created in 1939.Bottles, dishes or plates, the pieces – fourteen in all – take up the primary colours dear to Matisse and cover the elements of the original painting: leaves spread out on a black background, squares, pure faces and geometric shapes that intermingle to form a warm ensemble, faithful to the painter’s compositional work.

Playing the card of explosive colours, the collection is undeniably eye-catching.The white and black backgrounds contrast with the reds, yellows and greens that dot the bottles, the “Octave” jug and the serving dishes.The plain backgrounds of the plates inspire a softness, a musical atmosphere on which a few white figurative lines reveal a fragment of the great Fauvist artist’s painting.The rounded shapes of the bottles “Sol”, “Canon” and “Harmony” echo the curved bodies of the two women in the painting and the guitar that one of them is holding in her hands.The lively collection brilliantly recreates Henri Matisse’s passion for music, to which he dedicated many paintings throughout his life.These pieces will also be produced continuously, making “La Musique” the first permanent collection of the House of Matisse.

Octave jug © Fabrice Gousset & Maison Matisse

Bottles Canon, Harmony and Sol © Fabrice Gousset & Maison Matisse

It is with remarkable harmony that Marta Bakowski’s contemporary work blends with Matisse’s painting.Celebrating contrasting tones and woven materials, the Franco-Polish designer stands out in particular by placing colour at the forefront of her creative process.Known in particular for her “Sorcerer” lamp, an African-inspired wall light featuring a slender ceremonial mask, the young designer combines rounded shapes and geometric contrasts in her work.The solar elements she has chosen for this new composition intertwine in unison, suggesting the intonations and musical notes so dear to the painter.Entirely handmade by one of Italy’s oldest artisanal manufacturers, the pieces in “La Musique” pay a fine tribute to Matisse’s painting, which will be the subject of a major retrospective at the Georges Pompidou Centre next May.

The “La Musique” collection will be permanently available for sale on the house’s website from April 1st.